Thursday, March 15, 2012


Over the first weekend in March we went on a quick getaway to Gatlinburg, TN. We had a great time despite a few disasters! The first night we were there Emmy got a stomach bug and spent the night barfing. After a few hours she was on the mend but then Aoife, Brendan and I got it the last night we were there. The drive home was NOT fun and Brendan is my hero for getting us home in one piece! We also got a flat tire while we were there and Brendan smashed his finger - but despite all that we had a good time. I know it's hard to believe!!
We stayed at a indoor waterpark hotel that was awesome, our room(s) was fantastic, we went to a really fun dinner theater and we visited a beautiful aquarium! I think we'll probably go back this summer and rent a cabin. There's a lot to do and we barely scratched the surface!

View of Gatlinburg

At the top of the "mountain"

Going down
Emmy at lunch - tired cookie
Looking at the penguins up closeGood view of the fish from in there!

Sharing dippin' dots
Aoife the explorer

A BIG step for Emmy!

Horseshoe crabs are awesome!
In the fish viewing tunnel - it was awesome and really long!


Aidan taking pictures!

More jellies!

How the girls sleep - Aoife under the covers and Emmy with no covers!

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Amanda C said...

Looks like fun and it is only 4 hours from our new home! I think it would be a great meeting point!