Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Emmy's 5th Birthday

 Emmy turned 5 today!!!  I cannot believe that she is 5 already and will be heading to Kindergarten in the fall.  Crazy!  She got a scooter (with 2 wheels), dresses, a Barbie and clothes, her own rolling suitcase (Barbie holder), cowgirl boots, books, a backpack that is also a soft dollhouse and her very own blue baby (which is causing MAJOR problems with Aoife!).  She has quite taken to the idea of being a big girl and has suddenly given up sucking her fingers - which I thought would be a nightmare but turned out quite easy!  All the dentist had to say was that he was going to put a device across the top of her mouth if she was still sucking her fingers in 6 months.  She stopped that night.  Never underestimate Emmy's determination!!
Here they are waking up in the morning of Emmy's birthday:
 New scooter!
 Adorable dress from Mimi:
 Barbie from Grama:
 Everyone playing:
 New boots!!

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