Monday, June 4, 2012

Blueberry Picking

 We went blueberry picking last weekend and it was FANTASTIC!  I love stuff like that anyway but it was the perfect day - cool and cloudy - not at all hot, sticky and buggy like a typical Tennessee June!  The blueberry patch was so cute - just an elderly couple's front yard and there was only one other family there.  The berries were delicious and plentiful - picking was so much fun!  The kids had a great time and even found a few wild blackberries!  Aoife enjoyed it so much that she ended up eating directly off of the plants - bypassing hands all together!  We ended up with 6 quarts in all - I froze 2 quarts, made blueberry muffins and jam and we've been enjoying snacking on them as well!

 Aoife eating directly off the plant - she said she was a "hungry dinosaur"!

 5100 S Bell Cross Rd, Adams, TN - just so I remember for next year!!

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