Saturday, February 16, 2013

Aidan's 8th Birthday

 Happy Birthday to Aidan!!  I can't believe he is 8 - incredible how time flies!!  We had a great day - the kids had the day off from school and so we had a nice relaxing morning with a lot of present opening!  I think this was the first birthday in a long time that Aoife didn't cry because it wasn't her birthday - she's growing up!!  After presents we went to an indoor play area called Kids 'n' Play here in town.  It wasn't crowded because Ft. Campbell schools were the only ones off from school!  It was great for Brendan and me but I think that the kids would have preferred it if there had been more kids to play with!  We ordered pizza for dinner - Aidan's choice - and finished up with chocolate birthday cake like always!!  Happy Birthday sweetheart!!

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