Sunday, February 17, 2013

Aidan's Birthday - part 2

 Instead of having a birthday party this year for Aidan we took his friend Cale to Nashville with us to have dinner, see a hockey game and stay over in a hotel.  We were trying to combine two outings since Brendan is leaving in two weeks.  We went to the Aquarium restaurant for dinner and then Declan, the girls and I dropped Brendan and the boys off at the arena for the Nashville Predators game and then they took a taxi to the hotel where we were already asleep!  The boys had a great time playing with iPads and we even ordered room service - cake!!  Declan had a tough night - he was cold I think so at about 4 am I moved him into bed with Brendan and me.  He finally fell asleep and although neither Brendan or I slept much after that it was much better!  We had breakfast at the hotel and then went swimming before packing up and coming home.  So much fun!!

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