Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!!! 2013

 Even with Brendan so far away, we managed to have a fun Christmas Day!  We skyped with Brendan during present opening and he got to see the chaos!  I'm sure it's a bit muted coming through a computer!  Declan was feeling a little bit better but on overdrive because of the steroid that the doctor prescribed!  He really enjoyed playing with his toys and everyone else's!!  The big wins of the day were Aidan's iPad mini, Emmy's kindle, Aoife's dress up dress from the movie Frozen and Declan's truck.  They got tons of presents but a more moderate amount than normal - which was good!!  Maybe Santa has finally hit his stride!

Getting started!
 "Helping" Declan open gifts:
 the TRUCK!!

 Daddy watching the mayhem
 a PINK cover for her kindle!!!!
 Declan playing with everyone else's toys

 Emmy jumping rope
 TRUCK - nothing else matters
 except perhaps that gun that Aidan is holding

 It's just my size!
 Trying to make bad guy faces - only Emmy can follow direction
 playing before bed!

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