Thursday, December 19, 2013

Picture Christmas Ornaments

  I made these ornaments for part of the kids' teachers' Christmas gifts this year.  I always struggle on what to get the teachers.  They do so much for my kids that I want to get them something nice but I don't want to get them just a gift card.  Although useful, it seems impersonal!  I settled on getting them some ornaments, making and ornament and including a gift card.  Hopefully I hit all of the bases!! 

So I started out with 2 inch wood cubes that I got at Hobby Lobby.  I gave them a quick sanding with 400 grit sandpaper and rounded out the corners and the edges.

After that, I gave them about 3 coats of Antique White Acrylic Paint - letting each coat dry before applying another one.

 After that, I applied an antiquing glaze - this is totally optional but makes them look a little more rustic.  I mixed the glaze with a little water in a bowl, painted it on and then rubbed it off with a cloth.  You can do this until you get the look you want!

I printed out the pictures that I wanted in 1 3/4 inch squares and used a square punch to cut them out. A paper trimmer would work just as well but I like fast!  Before you apply the pictures to the cubes, spray them with a quick coat or two of acrylic sealer - Mod Podge makes one - this will make sure that the pictures don't bleed when you apply the mod podge.  Let your pictures dry after you apply the sealer.  Don't forget to note the year on the ornament.  I had the kids write a note on a piece of paper with the date and I put that on the bottom side!

Apply the pictures to the wood using Mod Podge and a foam brush.  Just brush on the Mod Podge and set the picture in it.  You can either let that dry and then add layers on top or go ahead and put your first layer right over the picture.  It works fine either way. 

Continue to layer thin layers of Mod Podge - 4 or 5 - and let dry in between each layer.  I found that a cookie cooling rack works great to dry them.  I would only do the sides at first and then once those are completed, do the top and bottom.  If you set the cube down on a wet side, it will stick to whatever it is on.  NOT GOOD.
 After all of the sides are complete, let the cube dry for about a day.  Screw in a little eye hanger into the top and hang with a ribbon.  Spray the cube all over with one or 2 thin coats of acrylic sealer to eliminate any residual tackiness of the Mod Podge. 
Hang and enjoy!

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