Saturday, February 8, 2014

Brendan is HOME!!

 Brendan is finally home!!  He came in on Friday afternoon at 4;30 pm and we couldn't have asked for a better time!!!  It was a bit cold on the flight line while we were waiting for the airplane but no one froze to death so it was worth it!!  It was so nice to finally get him back AND know that he isn't going back - at least not anytime soon!!  The next deployment has always loomed on the horizon - even at homecoming ceremonies.  It's nice to have that done with - for the time being!

Brendan's parents, Tim, Justin and Amanda and their kids came in for the weekend to come to the ceremony and spend some time with us.  It's been a bit busier than usual but not too bad!  The kids are already adjusted and everything seems to be as it should be! 

We got to the hangar at about 3:30 and had to wait about an hour for the flight - not bad AT ALL by military standards!!  I hired a photographer to take pictures of us and she seemed to take lots!  We should get the pictures on Monday!  There was free cake, soda, popcorn and cookies so the kids were in heaven and it really helped to pass the time.  About 10 minutes before the flight landed, we went outside to watch for the plane.  It was COLD - about 20 degrees - but we toughed it out!  We watched the plane land and all of the guys walk off.  We went back into the hangar and watched them march in.  After a few brief speeches, he was released to us and we got to take him home right then!  The rear D guys took care of everything else! 

We all came back to our house and ate lasagna, salad, bread and cake for dinner.  It's the only thing I could think of that had NO prep time once we got home.  My neighbor even came over and stuck the lasagnas into the oven while we were still at the hangar! 

Everyone collapsed around 9:00 - except for Declan who make it to 7:00.  We were all up early this morning and greeted by 2 inches of snow!!  What a nice surprise!

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