Monday, April 28, 2014

Aoife's 5th Birthday!!

 Monday was Aoife's 5th Birthday!!!  It was a Monday so we opened presents before school!  She couldn't wait to for Daddy to come home from PT so she opened one present right when she came downstairs!  It was Crackle - the dragon from Sophia!  After that, we had birthday pancakes and then opened the rest of the presents when Daddy got from PT.  Aoife was so happy to get so many beautiful presents from our families!  I met Aoife at school with rice crispie treats for her class instead of cupcakes and after that we stayed at school to have lunch with Aidan and Emmy.  It turned out that the kids were dismissed early because of impending bad weather (that never materialized) but we all got to spend a fun afternoon together!  After dinner, we had chocolate birthday cake and then played outside with the bubbles that Grama sent! 
Happy Birthday Aoife!!

 A Zarina costume!!
 Baby peapod for her backpack!

 Aoife at school with Bonnie:

 Photobomb by Pascal!!


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