Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Our Last Trip to Cheekwood

On Sunday we took our last trip to Cheekwood before we move.  It was a beautiful day and the tulips were gorgeous.  I think the tulips were a little more past then they were last year when we went but they were still amazing and we had a nice time walking around and enjoying the warm spring weather.  The hit of the day for Declan was the trains!  He could have stood there all day watching them go around and around the tracks!
I am really going to miss Cheekwood when we go.  I'm sure we'll be able to find something as good or better in Virginia but Cheekwood has been a port in the storm for us during these past 4 years - lots of great memories and fun with the kids.  It was always a welcome break from the stress of deployment.

Checking out the flowers:

A huge sculpture made of sticks!
This bamboo is really tall!

Come sit Declan!
Totally not into the picture thing anymore!


No one looking at the camera - except Declan!
Watching the trains!
Clapping for the trains!!

Heading the the fairytale garden:

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