Friday, November 21, 2014

Aoife's Kindergarten Songfest and Sharing Breakfast

 Today Declan and I went to Aoife's Kindergarten Songfest and Sharing Breakfast at school.  Oh my goodness - it was about the cutest thing ever!!  They were all so well behaved and organized - so many kids to get all set up and they did it beautifully!  The songs were so cute AND you could actually understand them!! 
Declan was an absolute nightmare which is rare, actually.  He usually sits in the stroller and takes everything in but today he wanted to be OUT and to play with the playhouse in the back of the cafeteria.  It worked out just fine - he played (and was joined by about 4 other little boys) and didn't disturb the production.  At first he was upset that he couldn't follow Aoife up onto the stage!  Poor kid is always being left behind! 
After the singing, we went back to Aoife's classroom for a quick snack - it was so crowded between all of the parent, grandparents and little siblings. Declan and I didn't last long!  Kindergarten is just the best!  So happy that I have one more coming along behind Aoife.  What am I going to do when we go through Kindergarten for the last time???

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