Friday, November 7, 2014

The Zoo! Again...

 We went to the Zoo again today but this time we met Aoife and the Kindergarten kiddos!  It was a beautiful day and all of the animals were really active!  We saw the pandas, elephants, lions, tigers, apes, reptiles and the winner of the day - the small mammal house!  Declan just LOVED the meerkats and was hysterical watching them run around in their cage.  I would go back to the zoo JUST so Declan could sit in front of the meerkats for hours!!
We had a fun morning.  Aoife got to hang out with her best friend all morning - they are so cute together!!  Declan was completely worn out from being pushed around the zoo all morning and took a good nap after barely being able to stay awake for lunch.
It was a fun time - maybe we'll head back over for Zoo Lights at Christmas!

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