Saturday, June 13, 2015

Emmy's 8th Birthday

 Happy Birthday Emmy!!  She's 8 and usually at her birthdays it feels strange for her to be a whole year older but this year it's different.  She's grown and matured so much this year that it's hard to believe that she's not 8 already!!  Emmy is finishing up second grade, is doing great in lacrosse and really enjoying it, has lots of really nice friends and is a wonderful leader and big sister to Aoife and Declan.  We really couldn't be more proud of her and we are so happy and excited to see her grow and change over the next year.  We love you Em!!

Opening presents at breakfast:
Declan isn't crying yet!!

 Declan is starting to get upset that it's not his birthday...

 A dress from Hawaii from Gramma and Daddy Jim:
 8th Birthday cake!

 Morgan came over for dinner and to spend the night!

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