Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Red Sox Vs. Diamonbacks in the AAA Championship Game

 The Red Sox made it all the way to the Championship game!  They had a perfect season - won every single game all season and had such a great time along the way.  The boys supported each other, played so well and learned some important lessons about life.  Today was no exception - other than the outcome of the game was different than they were used to. 
It was a beautiful June night - a little hot but, hey, it's summer in Virginia!  The excitement was palatable - from both the Red Sox and the Diamonbacks - both teams were so happy to be in the Championship game!  Unfortunately, the Red Sox didn't play as well as they had all season - our big hitters didn't hit so well and there were a few errors.  Other than that, they did great!  The pitching was good and most of the fielding was good too! Aidan played really well at pitcher, despite the heat and the pressure.  It all came down to the last inning and a full count leading to a strike out but despite being down most of the game, our boys never gave up and played hard the entire game.  Although they lost, they were still proud of how hard they played and what a great season they had overall.  I was so proud of Aidan - in the team meeting after the game, he wanted to make a speech and told the team how happy they should be with their playing all season and how happy he was to be part of the team.  Such a leader!! The boys took home two trophies - one for best overall record and one for being runner up in the game.  They were happy with all of their bling!!  Can't wait until next season!!


Mary Ann said...
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Mary Ann said...

Awesome post! Would have loved to have been at this game!