Saturday, March 5, 2016

Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian

Today I took the kids to the American Indian Museum in DC.   We were pretty excited to go since I had heard that there was a great area for kids.  It turned out to be not quite as great as we had expected.  The art areas were actually more interesting that the kids area!  We did get parking right out front of the museum which was awesome!  After about an hour in the museum, we decided to walk across the street and spend a little time at the Botanical Gardens.  It's always nice in there and it's great for a long or short visit!  The kids got some pretzels from the street vendor outside of the museum and Declan got his own pretzel since the vendor didn't think he should share.  That made for a VERY happy Declan.  Unfortunately - but in typical fashion - Declan fell really hard right onto his face as we were leaving the botanical garden and got the fattest swollen lip ever!  It's a good thing that we hard parked right outside - I didn't have to carry a screaming and kicking 40 pound preschooler too far!!

 Getting some pretzels!!

Declan after the epic face plant. :(

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