Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanksgiving Update

We went up to Brendan's parents' house in Marshfield, MA for Thanksgiving this year. It was a great visit - just really busy! Aidan was really happy that he got to play with his cousin Chase. We had a nice Thanksgiving meal on Thursday. On Friday we went to Edaville Railroad in Carver and on Saturday we had Emmy's Baptism and the entire Cullinan clan went to Fenway for family pictures. It was FREEZING! The kids were miserable and both Aidan and Emmy ended up crying by the end of it! On the up side - it was really cool to be in Fenway park when it was empty and the pictures are really neat!Chase, Brody, Murphy, Aidan and Emmy - ready for bed on Thanksgiving night
Murphy and Emmy
Aidan and Emmy on Santa's lap - Aidan asked for a pirate ship...
Emmy's Baptism
Us at Emmy's Baptism

Chase, Mary, Emmy, Brody, Aidan, Dan and Murphy at Fenway

Aidan, Brendan, Becky, Emmy, Joe, Murphy, Siobhan, Mary, Dan, Amanda, Brody, Justin, Chase, Nora, Tim and Dan at Fenway

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