Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Fun

It's been a nice few days. Sorry I haven't posted anything recently - it seems that things got busy for a little while. Everything seems to have calmed down. Here are a few pictures from our picnic with Aidan's friend Will and his mom and sister.Here is Aidan's favorite part of the River Farm - digging!! Will planted Aidan - they thought it was hysterical.Yesterday we had to go to Ft. Belvoir to pick up a hat for Brendan. Aidan wanted a dress blues hat - which looks kind of like the hat a communist dictator would wear. We compromised on this boonie hat - he thought it would be OK because he could wear it to the pool. It looks just adorable! Brendan officially started his new job as General Byrne's Aide yesterday. The hours are rough - he leaves the house at 5:30 am and got home last night around 7pm. He is going to get to do some really cool stuff and meet some really important people. He's going to the Russian Embassy this week for a party - how cool is that?? Don't worry about me - I'll be folding laundry or doing something else equally stimulating :)

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