Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vacation Update

While Brendan has been hard at work in DC we have been enjoying ourselves here in Mass. We have tried to make the best of what little nice weather we have had and went to Tufts one morning and the beach yesterday. We walked around the Tufts campus, saw Jumbo: and bought some t-shirts: We even got to see my sorority house (Chi Omega): and Brendan's fraternity house (Delta Upsilon): They are right next to each other and they both looked like they were in pretty rough shape!
Yesterday we went to the beach at Plum Island. It was really nice - not too hot and the tide was going out - great with little kids!Here's Gramma with Emmy!Emmy loved the sand - she loved eating it and getting sand all over herself!The water was cold but warm enough to go in for a little while!

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