Tuesday, December 30, 2008

He Never Ceases to Amaze Me

Aidan can ski! Really - I'm not exaggerating! We went skiing from Sunday to Tuesday before Christmas and since Aidan was too little for the ski school - he had to be 4 - we got him one hour of a private lesson. It was so cold, 13 degrees that felt like -8 with the wind chill, but he was a trooper - totally got out there with all his winter gear on. From what I could see from the warm lodge he was into it the whole time. I even went out to check on him about 45 minutes in - thinking he would be ready to come in - he was LOVING it and his teacher was really surprised how much he was enjoying himself and how well he was doing. So after the hour was over, he came in and we all had hot chocolate and a snack. Brendan took him up the chair lift and down the big hill TWICE! Crazy - there isn't much weirder than watching your little 3 year old go up the chair lift - he looked so tiny! But when they came zooming around the corner at the end of the slope there was no doubt that Aidan was having the time of his life!

My view from the very WARM lodge - Aidan is in the middle with the blue and yellow jacket and the orange hat:Brendan and Aidan coming down the big hill - that's tiny little Aidan on the right!Warming up after skiing in the jacuzzi in our condo:

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