Friday, December 12, 2008

Why Do We Always Get Sick in December???

Emmy and I have come down with horrible stomach bugs. She started 3 nights ago throwing up about every 30 minutes or so until there was nothing left. More disgusting ailments have followed that I will leave up to your imagination. Last night I started throwing up and I can now understand why Emmy wailed before she threw up each time - the most horrible stabbing stomach pains I have experienced (while not in labor) give you about 10 seconds head start to the toilet - I am dreading if Aidan gets this - there is no way he'll be able to not throw up all over the house. Ugh - and there is nothing worse than trying to take care of sick kids while you are also sick - especially with the knowledge that Brendan is leaving for a week on Sunday and I have soooo much to do for Christmas. Leaving the house is out of the question so I'm not sure how things that need to be mailed are going to get out. Let's hope no one else comes down with this - it's awful.

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