Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brendan's Promotion

It's official - Brendan is now MAJ Cullinan! He had the promotion ceremony yesterday morning. Brendan's dad flew down which was really nice and the kids were excited to see him too!
General Byrne and Brendan just prior to promotion:Me "pinning" Brendan's new rank on. (It's velcro these days) Aidan told me he like my dress because I looked like a cow - can you even get a better compliment than that?Emmy sat on my lap for most of it but having Daddy only 2 feet away was too hard - she ended up running to him in the middle of his speech - Aidan followed quickly after.The cake I made for the breakfast afterwards - if anyone knows where to buy blue dye for chocolate that actually makes it blue (not turquoise) I'd love to know!

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