Friday, January 8, 2010

Aoife is 8 months!

Aoife was 8 months old just after Christmas but time seems to have gotten away from me! She is doing great! She's sitting well and just starting to try to lean forward to get things. She's not crawling yet but I think it will be soon - Aidan and Emmy's world is about to change!! She's eating lots and lots - as you can see from the pictures. She's yet to meet a food she dislikes and starts bouncing up and down when she's going into her high chair. She eats three meals a day with us at the table and seems to love being a part of the action! She's still sleeping well at night and taking two good naps during the day. Her newest love is this fairy house that Emmy got for Christmas - although she doesn't get to play with it too much if Emmy's around since Emmy objects to the fairies being chewed on!

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