Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Burns Night #2

On Friday night we attended another Burns Night celebration that was slightly less formal. Our neighbors hosted everyone on our street. We had so much fun and have decided that we will bring the tradition of Burns Night back to the US and host it for our future units. It's too much fun not to do every year!!

These pictures are, as they say, rubbish - but it'll give you an idea!
The table - it ran the entire length of the house - front window to back sliding door!
Our host, Pete - toasting the lassies:
Our hostess, Gill - giving the reply to the toast:
Toby cutting into the haggis - this is usually done with a sword although I believe he used some crazy hunting knife:
Plates full of haggis, mashed potatoes "tatties" and mashed turnips "neeps":


adozeneggs said...

we have a Scottish pub that serves haggis, but I'm a bit scared of it. Was it good??

Becky said...

It is delish! Seriously!!