Friday, January 8, 2010

The snow that brought Watchfield to a halt.

The snow started as heavy flurries on Tuesday afternoon and continued through the night and all through Wednesday. We only ended up with about 4 or 5 inches but everything here has ground to a halt! There are no plows and all the funding for sanding the roads was cut so....that leaves us with very snowy and slippery roads. It hasn't been above freezing since then so the snow is still around and there is more forecasted for the weekend. I'm happy - we have plenty of food in the house and the kids are loving going out and playing in it! Aidan and Emmy had snow days on Wednesday and Thursday and late starts today. It's also impossible to push a stroller or ride a bike through snow covered streets so we all walked to Emmy's school, dropped her off and Aidan, Aoife and I continued on to Aidan's school. Aidan's school also had early pick up - 2 instead of 3 - but I'm not sure why the snow would have affected how long they could stay at school!! Poor Brendan was the only one who had to go to school all week and since he couldn't drive or ride his bike, he had to slog through the wind and snow for the 20 minute walk - yuck!

The view from the front door during the storm - it was too windy to go out and take pictures!
Trees outside our house after the snow:
Aidan's snow angel:
The day after the storm - still no school due to hazardous road conditions:
Walking to school this morning:


Laurie said...

wait, you guys live in the english countryside and you DON'T own a horse and buggy?? what the wha? everyone knows a horse and buggy is the only way to get around when it snows. sheesh. amateurs.

The Antonios said...

Reminds me of the trees in a Colorado storm. Hope you guys are loving it and staying warm. Your poor hubby. It is freezing here in FL....saw snow flurries yesterday!!