Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aidan's Birthday Party

We had Aidan's birthday party on Sunday morning at a local soft play area. Since there are a few kids born on the same day as Aidan we paired up with another family and did the boys' birthday party together. It was great! Since they would have invited most of the same kids - we got to do half the work and pay half the money to have a great party!! It was also awesome to have it NOT at my house! Our houses are really small here and it would have been insane to have all of those kids inside! This way we didn't have to clean up before OR after the party and the staff did all the work - including cooking lunch for the kids!! I did make a cake for each of the birthday boys and one for the rest of the kids but that hardly counts as work. :) We started the party at 10:30 in the morning which turned out to be perfect! The kids arrived and played until 11:45. We served them lunch, did the cake and then turned them loose for another 15 minutes or so until their parents came to get them. They were all totally exhausted and ate well and in almost complete silence! The one different thing that they do here at birthday parties is that they don't eat the cake at the party! They light candles and sing Happy Birthday but then send pieces of the cake home in the party bags. So weird - and I have to imagine than most of my hard work ended up in the trash. :( Here are some cute pictures of the kids at the party!
Aidan loves the ball pit!
Jazz hands:
Brendan with all of the kids in the bouncy castle
Brendan is the only one who can stay still long enough for a picture:
Aoife sinking into the balls:
At lunch:
Emmy actually EATING her food!
The cakes - the boys had the little ones on the side so they would each have a candle to blow out and a cake to take home!
It looks like he might just take a gigantic bite out of the cake!


Matthew, Eve, Noah, and Noelle Middleton said...

Emmy is gorgeous! Her hair is so pretty! The cakes look amazing - what a whacky tradition to take the cake home!!

Rains Family said...

Becky, I would have to imagine that no one would throw your cake in the trash. It looks too darn good to pass up!!