Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Bristol Aquarium

On Saturday we visited a new Aquarium in Bristol, UK. It just opened a few months ago and it was beautiful! I've never been in such a gorgeous aquarium. It had exhibits inside and outside in a large three story "greenhouse". There were 3 sets of exhibits inside - the Atlantic, the Amazon, and warm water reefs. They were all amazing. They had tons of fish, everything was impeccably clean and the tanks were spectacular! The kids thought it was amazing and would have stayed all day long. My favorite part was an octopus that kept swimming around in his tank and crawling all over the rocks. It was incredible and I could have watched it for hours!
Aidan and Emmy liked this part - they could climb under the tank and up into a bubble to watch the seahorses from inside!
The seahorse observing Aidan and Emmy:
watching the fish in one of the outdoor exhibits
watching the turtles and catfish
Amazon fish
the coral reef tank - the bubble in the upper left corner is a viewing window that you can sit in - see next picture:
Here they are in the viewing bubble
A tank entirely comprised of "Nemos"!
Playing outside the aquarium
water fountains are fun - even in the cold!
The was a giant reflective globe - couldn't resist taking a picture of us - you can't really see Aoife on my back - just one little foot coming out the side!

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