Friday, February 12, 2010

Baking Cookies with Emmy

Aidan's 5th Birthday is on Monday and since they don't have school because of halfterm break I sent birthday cookies in today to school. I had half a batch of dough left over after making the cookies for Aidan's class so Emmy and I made cookies together after she came home from school today. While the dough was softening I had her look through my big box of cookie cutters to find the ones she wanted to use. We have lots - from trucks to palm trees to stars and dinosaurs. Can you guess what Emmy picked? Hearts, flowers and butterflies - seriously - is this stuff written in little girl DNA?? After I rolled out the dough, Emmy cut out the cookies and placed them very carefully on the cookie sheet. We had to reroll quite a bit as Emmy doesn't get the idea of cutting the cookies out close to each other - but at least it gave the oven time to heat up! After she cut out all the cookies we watched them bake and set them out to cool. I iced them while she was taking her rest and once Aidan came home with Brendan they put sprinkles on together. We figured out a good way to put sprinkles on cookies after the icing has started to set - put the sprinkles you want to use on a plate and press the cookie - icing side down - on the sprinkles. They stick great! Enjoy the pictures - the cookies are all the way at the bottom.

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