Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Athens post #6 - Mars Hill

After we came down from the Acropolis we walked over to Mars Hill or the Areopagus. It's an outcropping of rock that served as a high court in ancient times and was the site of Apostle Paul's conversion of Athens to Christianity. It has a beautiful panoramic view of Athens and the Acropolis. We could have sat here for hours in the sun.
This picture doesn't show how VERY steep and slippery these steps were - the girls and I came down another set.
Emmy sharing her snack with the pigeons - she had lots more but I ruined it by standing up to take the picture.

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Matthew, Eve, Noah, and Noelle Middleton said...

great pictures - it looks so beautiful!! Do you know Luke and Cindy Johnson? They were there I think around the same time!! The Rains' knew them too - they have an almost 3 year old son, William.