Wednesday, March 24, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Party

We had some of our neighbors over for a late St. Patrick's Day party on Saturday night. It was so much fun! We served corned beef and cabbage, carrots and potatoes, Irish soda bread, Guinness, Whiskey, cheesecake and Bailey's Mousse Cake. All the food was very tasty and I was in heaven since Corned Beef is one of my favorite meals. To my embarrassment, corned beef means something very different here in England. Everyone arrived at the party thinking that I was going to serve meat out of a can!!! They were all pleasantly surprised and there were no leftovers - always a good sign!


The Pohl Family said...

We still have our cups from the last St. Patrick's Day party that you guys threw in Colorado! Ah, the memories... :(

Becky said...

Us too! The kids use them in the bath!