Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Having Girls

This is what a morning of playing with girls looks like:Emmy can spend 30 minutes or more sitting at her table looking at her princess Memory cards and making up stories about them. Aoife can sit in the middle of a pile of blocks, pick one up, shake it and look at it and put it back down then move along to the "house that makes tons of sounds". She moves around the house investigating what items make noise when pressed. People who only have girls should NEVER judge a mother of a boy. A morning with Aidan under the age of three left me exhausted, shaky and nervous. He would have climbed on top of the table to see what was on top of the TV, the blocks would have been scattered across the room just waiting to trip you while you were carrying a basket of laundry and the house would be upside down and being pounded on with another toy. He had a perpetual bruise on his forehead from falling down every 25 seconds while trying to walk or climb onto things.

MOGs (moms of girls), don't judge or even think it - she really CAN'T control him and needed milk just as much as you did. So offer a smile or a helping hand at the grocery store. She'll be really grateful - I can tell you from experience.


K said...

I am always fascinated by the way we always think (myself included) that other moms are judging us. Perhaps the other mom at the store was wondering if you'd be offended if she offered or was feeling grateful for her quiet girl? I guess I just wish everyone would give each other the benefit of the doubt more. I love Alice's recent column on this:

Matthew, Eve, Noah, and Noelle Middleton said...

LOVE IT Becky. You are spot on. I can see the differences between my boy and girl already - I always figured my child just wasn't calm or into books like all his girlfriends. Now I know it's all about gender :)

The Pohl Family said...

Thanks for the perspective... As a MOG's, I'll have to keep that in mind as well as thank my lucky stars! ;) Of course I'd love a boy but your description of life with a little boy sounds thoroughly tiring! Well, you can laugh at us in the future as we deal with hormonal teenage daughters! That's when we'll get our pay back! LOL