Friday, January 7, 2011

Aidan's New School

On Monday, Aidan started at his new school - finally! The neighborhood that we moved into on Ft. Campbell is brand new and really big. Because they added so many houses, they needed to build a school to deal with all the kids. The school wasn't ready in time for school to start this fall so they split up the classes and scattered them throughout the other elementary schools for the first half of the year. Aidan's classroom has been a converted art room up until now.
The new school is beautiful! Every classroom has a Smart Board, new furniture, art supplies, toys, books - everything NEW! It's amazing how much money, time and effort went into building this gorgeous school. Aidan and all the other students were so excited to move it. They've been homeless for the past 5 months and now they have their own school! On Monday morning there was a ribbon cutting and open house in the morning. We rode our bikes to school and stayed for the open house. It was cold but sunny at least!
Here's Aidan before the ribbon cutting:In the entrance hall there are pictures of all of the kids' service member parents. It is really a special way to honor them! There's Brendan with the kids on the first day of school:Brendan and Aidan walking through the cafeteria into the gym:Aidan in his classroom - everything was new and so exciting!

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