Saturday, January 8, 2011

Barsanti Dedication

Aidan's new school is named Barsanti Elementary School after MG Barsanti, a highly decorated veteran of WWII, Vietnam and Korea. Among other honors, he was awarded 7 Purple Hearts and 5 Silver Stars!!
On Friday the official dedication of the school took place. All of the kids were so excited to sing their songs and be part of such a special day! Here's Aidan sitting in the middle of his class and other Kindergarteners:The opening remarks by COL Clark:MG Barsanti's daughter spoke about how her father was born into a poor Italian family in a humble mining town. He spoke no English until he started school and through hard work and perseverance became one of the most highly decorated soldiers in American history.Unveiling the plaque:By a show of hands - all the students who have a parent deployed.
If this war isn't touching your life everyday just remember the children who get up every morning and go to school while their father or mother fights for our freedom.

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kmcaffee said...

Adorable, but the last pic was very sobering.... :(