Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Emmy's Preschool Orientation

Yesterday Emmy, Aoife and I went to Emmy's preschool orientation. She's going to start tomorrow and go Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for 3 hours. The preschool is at our church in downtown Clarksville and it's the only preschool in the area that is an actual preschool instead of a daycare. I'm really happy that Emmy got in because I know there is now a waiting list.
I was a little worried going in to this because Emmy had a horrible time adjusting to her school in England. If you've been reading this blog for a while you probably remember this. She did eventually love school in England but she is slow at adjusting to change so I thought she might not like it at St. Mary's initially. I don't think I could have been more wrong. As we were walking in she was skipping and chattering away and telling me that I needed to go home and then come back after she had played with her friends. I kept trying to tell her that we were just going for a short visit and that all the parents were staying today but she didn't believe me until we were in the classroom.
It was very crowded in the classroom - most kids had 2 parents there and for once I felt like one of the older parents. Emmy hopped right up onto a seat and started doing puzzles and then walked around and played with the other kids - at least the ones whose parents were letting them play. I don't remember if I was such a helicopter parent with Aidan - I hope I wasn't!! Emmy discovered that there were 2 fish in a bowl and was thrilled with this - she spent lots of time going back to check on the fish and watching them swim around.
We stayed for an hour - much longer than I had planned on - and Emmy left happily but only with the promise that she would be back on Wednesday and that I would leave her there after giving her a good-bye kiss. When we were driving home she was talking about school the whole time and she even said, "You know my old school had Mercedes and Brigo (her two best friends), but my new school has FISH." I asked her what was better - answer? "FISH!"

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BrownEyedMama said...

Good for her! Wait until she is 5 then hits 6! It a huge difference.