Wednesday, August 4, 2010


It is so hot here. You'd think I'd be relatively used to it from living in Virginia for 2 years but being in England must have made me weak! It is near 100F most days and sooooo humid. Today there is a heat advisory since it's supposed to be 106F with a heat index of 116F. Seriously?? Maybe this is just to prepare the soldiers for Iraq!
It's so hot that we really can't leave the house during the day but once it gets down to the low 90s after dinner we venture out to play in the blowup pool and have some ice cream. Here are the kids enjoying themselves!
Here's a turkey that was in our backyard a few days ago. Brendan says there are lots of them out in the early morning but I have yet to see another one.

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Sue said...

Ahhh...the beagles will take care of that!