Thursday, August 5, 2010

Aidan's first day of Kindergarten

Aidan started Kindergarten again today. This year seems a little more real than Kindergarten last year in England seemed. Maybe it's because he's in the regular elementary school instead of a separate Kindergarten building and he takes the bus this year because we live so far from the school.
The neighborhood that we live in is brand new and the schools aren't ready yet so he'll go to Jackson school until Christmas and then switch with his class and teacher to the new school after the new year. Once he's at the new school he won't ride the bus because we'll be so close. I'm going to enjoy the bus while we have it!
We took some pictures outside this morning but the lens promptly fogged up when we went outside because at 7:45 am it was already 90 degrees and 90% humidity! It took a few minutes for the camera to even out so I apologize for the foggy pictures!!
Here are the kids sitting on the front step - is there any way to get all 3 looking at the camera at once??
I like this one because Aoife looks like she's doing a jig!
Waiting for the bus!
Getting on the bus - I told Aidan to look at me and give me a big wave while he was getting on the bus - it's a good thing I didn't hesitate because he almost ran onto the bus. He's been looking forward to taking the bus for ages!
Getting off the bus - we drove and met him at school for the first day because we wanted to walk him into school. I'm glad we did - it was CHAOS!
Aidan in his classroom - he was so happy to be there and wanted us to leave! It's nice that he's so confident but I'd like a hug!


The Antonios said...

Glad to hear you guys had a safe transfer stateside. Welcome back! Congrats to Aidan on his first day of Kindergarten. Emmy's new haircut is adorable. The kids are all getting so big!

Matthew, Eve, Noah, and Noelle Middleton said...

So cute!!! I think Noah will be the same way - he LOVES those school buses! So glad Aidan is such a brave boy!!

Kelly said...

It's incredible how quickly they grow and become independent!!! I think it's hardest on moms, rather than kids, when it comes to school!! Everyone looks great in the pics.... we miss you all!!