Monday, August 2, 2010

Aidan finishes school

Aidan and Emmy left school a week early so we could get to Ft. Campbell in time to get a house and get the kids registered for school. Aidan starts August 5th and he couldn't be registered without a permanent address. Here's a picture from the morning of the last day of school. The kids are so much bigger than they were in September!!

Here's Aidan with 2 of his teachers, Miss Hunt and Mrs. Humphries:Aidan's end of the year assembly:

Aidan and Charlie talked about "mind mapping". Aidan has no fear of speaking in public!!

Sitting in the assembly:

visiting Aidan's class after the assembly:

Aidan's interpretation of Monet's Waterlillies:


Laurie said...

They grow up so fast!! I'll send Aidan an application to be an intern here at the network :-)

Anonymous said...

That must have been an awesome school!