Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Aidan's Kindergarten Orientation

Aidan had Kindergarten Orientation today which consisted of visiting the classroom, meeting the teacher and 3 of the other kids that were there. Honestly, it didn't make me feel very confident. School starts tomorrow morning and the teacher didn't even have a classlist! They were taking OUR names down because they didn't have any info.
So Aidan will be taking the bus to school in the morning and Brendan, Emmy, Aoife and I will meet him at school to walk him to the classroom. Then he'll take the bus home and I'll pick him up at the bus stop! Crazy! Even though he'll be doing Kindergarten again this year, somehow it seems a little more real than it did last year in England.
Aidan's very excited for tomorrow morning - he wanted to stay today!

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