Saturday, August 21, 2010

Aidan's Open House

We went to Aidan's open house for school on Thursday afternoon. We had been in before school started but it was nice to go again so he could show us where he does things during the day. It's a small classroom with 21 kids and 2 teachers. It must be pretty exhausting to be there all day - for the teachers!! Aidan loves school - he bounces onto the bus in the morning and bounces off in the afternoon full of stories and tidbits to share. It's fun to see where he sits and what he plays with during the day.
Aidan writing with dry erase markers - he wanted to write his name as big as possible but ran out of room...
Showing me the book corner - he was very excited that they had Caps For Sale.
Aidan with the poster that he made about himself for homework this weekend.

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