Friday, February 25, 2011

4 BCT Cake

My lovely neighbor recommended me to her unit welcome. The 4th Brigade Combat Team's symbol is a spade and their colors are black and white. Not the most exciting colors but I think it came out nicely. The black spades are covered with rainbow disco dust because they were just so boring in plain black! The topper is made of iced sugar cookies. I also made a few extra cookies and bagged them up as favors for VIPs. The cake inside was vanilla cake layered with almond scented Swiss meringue buttercream and raspberry jam. It was frosted with vanilla buttercream and the black spades are made of rolled fondant.


adozeneggs said...

Very nice job!! I just finished a hand of playing cards last night...very laborious. There were 50 of them.
My spades don't look as nice as the ones on your cake.

Becky said...

A got a spade cookie cutter - couldn't have done it with fondant free hand!!