Sunday, February 13, 2011

Last Day Together - for a while

Yesterday was our last full day together. We wanted to do something fun but also have it be a really low key and stress free day. There is a tendency to try to do something MEMORABLE in these situations and it always fall very far short of what you think it *should* be. We went to the movies. It was relaxing and the kids had a great time. We saw "Gnomeo and Juliet". It was cute and the kids really liked it. We also ordered lobsters for dinner. We had chowder, mussels, steamers and lobsters. It was great and I think that Brendan really enjoyed it. We enjoy good food in this house and it was nice to send Brendan off with a great meal!
Going to the movies doesn't really lend itself to taking pictures - but I tried:This is how much movement there is in a hand held 4 second exposure:

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Rains Family said...

I was kind of laughing at this post because knowing Brendan, he's had a nice list of MANY delicious dinners for you to make over the past month :) I'm sure you've all been eating well!