Friday, June 10, 2011

Emmy's Birthday Party

Emmy turns 4 on Tuesday but since we'll be on vacation, we had a little birthday party for her on Wednesday. It turned out that only 1 of her friends could come - good thing it was Charlee! The girls had a great time splashing around in the pool and slide and playing with Aidan and Aoife. We had cupcakes, cookies and rice crispie treats for dessert after a nice lunch. Aoife was a little put out that the party and cupcakes weren't for her birthday. After we sang to Emmy and she blew out the candle Aoife asked for the candle. I thought she just wanted to look at it but she stuck it right into her cupcake and looked around at us like - OK - let's go! I want some singing! We sang to her and she blew out the candle and was very happy. Emmy was a very good sport and didn't put up any fuss at all!
Here they are in the morning. Since it wasn't Emmy's actual birthday, she wasn't expecting presents and was really surprised and delighted! She loved the Swan Lake Castle from Grama and Daddy Jim and all of her personalized Tangled items from Aunt Siobhan! Emmy with her new Littlest Pet Shop toys - she found these in my closet a month or so ago and has been waiting anxiously to get them for her birthday!
Mmmmm - coconut cupcakes with pink vanilla buttercream!
Singing Happy Birthday!
Aoife, very happy with the large amount of frosting on the cupcake:Aidan, enjoying his cupcake:Charlee:Emmy actually ate all of her cupcake - usually she only eats the frosting!

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