Friday, June 3, 2011

Nashville Zoo... again

Last weekend the kids and I went to the Nashville Zoo again. We went early to try to avoid the worst of the heat. We got there a little after 9 and were on our way home by 1pm. Good thing too - it was 91 already!! The kids had an OK time - there was a lot of whining and crying by Aoife and I really think all they wanted to do was see the flamingos and play in the play area. We saw a few animals, walked around a bit, had lunch and played in the playground. It was nice to get out of the house and do something different!
Aoife and Emmy looking at the Meerkats: The elephants were really close and the kids thought it was cool to see them so clearly - they are usually on the way other side of the field!
Sitting in a safari tent by the elephants - they needed a snack and I needed a break!
There are little fountains outside the play area - it's nice on a hot day!Aoife HATES splashing water of any sort!The favorite - flamingos!
We took this same picture back in November - everyone is so much bigger! Aoife is about 2 seconds from having an enormous melt down!!
Playing in the play area. There is a great soft play area for the little ones - covered and open to the breeze - so nice!
Aoife loves to jump - can't wait until she's jumping off the side of the pool!Sisterly love!

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Laurie said...

Whoa, looking at those two photos side-by-side is crazy! They all grew like a foot in 7 months! They'll be taller than me by Christmas :-)