Monday, June 27, 2011

First Day in Florida

We drove down to Florida in two days even though it was only a 9 hour drive. We picked my mom up at the airport on Friday afternoon and drove down to Birmingham, AL the first day. We got up in the morning and drove the rest of the way down to Navarre Beach, FL. After a quick dinner we got the kids into their bathing suits and went for a walk on the beach. It was beautiful and so nice to be out of the stifling heat of Tennessee.
The kids ran down to the beach and Emmy and Aidan ran over the sand to the water. As soon as Aoife's toes touched the sand she started crying and wouldn't even take a step. The sand was kind of soft and I think she was scared that she sank in a little bit. She kept saying the the ocean was noisy and she wouldn't go near it - just kept giving the waves dirty looks every time one crashed on the beach. It's funny because by the end of the vacation she was completely in love with the ocean - it just wasn't love at first sight!

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