Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Canaan Valley Resort and State Park - Day 3

I'll tell you, this part of West Virginia is beautiful - like really, really beautiful.  The only problem - ok two problems - is that it's hard to get to - because of the mountains and because the GPS data is ridiculously out of date - and there is practically no information available online about what to do here.  We have been able to find lists of things to do but with no detailed information.  It's really strange - usually the State Tourism boards do an amazing job pushing information out online but either West Virginia doesn't want to or doesn't have the funding.  I'm guessing it's the latter.

So another weird thing is that some of the ski resorts are also State Parks.  Yesterday we went to Canaan Valley State Park - which is also a ski resort, golf course and lodge.  One of the ski lifts operates during the summer and for about $20 for all of us, we rode it up to the top.  There was a trailhead to Bald Knob (what rock covered tops of mountains are called in the South) that took us about a mile and a quarter over to the top of an adjacent mountain top.  At 4,308 feet, you can see a very long way and it was perfect weather - partly cloudy and mid 70's.  What an amazing change from the upper 90's in DC!  The kids did a fantastic job with the hike and it helped that we had granola bars to eat on the mountain top - snacks always help!!!

We hiked back to the top of the chairlift and headed back down the mountain.  We could have continued on our hike to the bottom of the mountain but the chairlift is much more fun!  Since we were only 10 minutes from our cabin, we came back, rested and ate lunch.  After we were all refueled, we headed back over to the ski lift area to do some tubing.  Basically they use the rope lift to drag you up the bunny slope in a inner tube.  After you get to the top, you can slide down the hill.  The kids had a fantastic time but were completely exhausted after about an hour.

Once we wore them out, we came home and grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner.  Everyone ate a ton and then the kids spent a few more hours in the hot tub.  By this point, the water is disgusting and there is no way I'm setting a foot in that thing - the kids don't seem to care at all and have loved having it.  It's really nice that they can use it and I can see and hear them while I'm making dinner!  They have all agreed to stay here forever - I guess they're having a good time!!

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