Thursday, August 4, 2016

Seneca Rocks - West Virginia Day 5

This morning was the day that we had reserved for climbing Seneca Rocks.  It was good to have had an easy day yesterday because it was a bit of a hike!  It wasn't that long - only a mile and a quarter up to the top but there was 1,000 foot elevation gain which made it pretty steep in some areas!!  The kids did a great job - especially Declan who did not complain even once!!  We brought lunch with us and at sandwiches overlooking the beautiful view from the overlook.  We explored a bit at the top and then headed on back down.  There was a historic site with a house and a garden at the base of the rocks that we explored once we were finished with the hike and then we went over and toured the science center as well - a nice end to the walk - and bathrooms as well!!

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