Monday, August 1, 2016

Seneca Caverns - West Virginia Day 2

We woke up in beautiful West Virginia this morning!  Both Brendan and I went for runs before we all had breakfast and then packed up to head to Seneca Caverns.  It was quite a drive through the mountains and we even went over the Eastern Continental Divide - which I didn't even know was a thing - at about 3500 feet!  After about a 30 minute drive, we arrived at the Caverns.  The noon tour was just leaving so we decided to wait for the 1:00 tour.  We thought we would eat at the restaurant but it was closed so we snacked on the food that I had quickly packed before we left.  (Good thing!!) We sat on the porch of the restaurant and enjoyed the magnificent view and then played on a little playground before heading back to the entrance of the cave for the tour.  We had to wear hard hats and Declan got a hat with a light on it - super adorable!!
The tour was great and the cave was beautiful!  I was pleasantly surprised.  They have done a great job with the cement and gravel and all of the railings and stairs.  Everything was solid and felt like it was in great shape.  Let's just say that we've been in caves that didn't feel quite as safe!!
On the way back we stopped at the Seneca Rocks information center.  The hike to the top is a mile and a half and 900 feet in elevation.  I think we have to save that for another day!
We stopped for ice cream at a little shop in Davis on the way back.  It was the perfect snack - especially since we hadn't really had a proper lunch!!!
Excited for Day 3 tomorrow!!

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