Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Wrap Up

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! I apologize for the delay in posting for the past few weeks. We have been in and out of bad colds and we had my mom, dad, sister and brother staying with us for the holidays. Needless to say - not too much extra time for blogging! We did have a lot of fun and Santa was very good to us. I am typing on my new Mac - which also accounts for some of the delay since I could barely figure out how to turn it on never mind get on the internet! Aidan got lots and lots of toys - I think he may still be finding some of them! Emmy got lots of fun stuff too but she was really sick on Christmas - I took her to the ER the night before Christmas Eve because she couldn't breathe and kept throwing up because she was coughing so much. We never ended up seeing anyone but the triage nurse at ER and she could have cared less. After Emmy cried and threw up all over the ER for 3 hours she finally fell asleep in my arms and we left. I felt like a terrible mother but I couldn't stand being there any longer and even if we did get to go back to the exam rooms, who knows how long it would have been until we saw someone. We went to the pediatrician the day after Christmas and he gave me some liquid decongestant for her. It seemed to give her enough relief that her own immune system could catch up. Even with all the germs flying around we had a great Christmas! Here are a few pictures - I also got a new version of photoshop and I'm still working on learning that so the pictures will be coming slower than usual!
Aidan and his dragon

.Emmy and her bearAidan and the micAidan and the drumsChristmas EveEmmy on her rocking bug

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