Friday, January 18, 2008

Daddy is on Vacation

Brendan left this morning for a well deserved long weekend in Vegas with his brothers and Dad. Unfortunately this is going to be the coldest weekend of the winter - in the teens!! There is a severe lack of indoor play areas here in Virginia so we are going to have to be inventive - we certainly can't stay here for 3 more days! This morning Aidan's best friend Will came over with his mom and little sister. The boys are so cute together - they have gotten to the stage where they actually play TOGETHER and not just next to each other. Aidan got a doctor's kit for Christmas and they took turns listening to each other's hearts - it was adorable.

I'd love to hear anyone's ideas about fun and free things to do with the kids. We are going to try the Library, Home Depot (riding on the tractors could take up an entire morning!), Petsmart to see the fish tanks (always a winner!) and maybe IKEA if we can get down there - they have an indoor play area but Aidan is just over the minimum height and it will probably be full of bigger kids. So leave me a comment if you have more ideas - sometimes it's hard to get out of the rut we're in!
Aidan calling Daddy

Emmy loves playing with the farm

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