Thursday, January 24, 2008

Football and Fatness

Emmy woke up on Sunday morning as as about twice as fat as when she went to bed. I mean barely any of her clothes fit and she had about 3 more chins than when she went to sleep. Incredible that they can grow overnight like that! She also cut a top front tooth yesterday - I didn't even know it had come in until I checked her mouth after dinner. She didn't even cry - she just woke up early from her nap and wouldn't go back to sleep. So now she has three teeth - two on the bottom and one on the top. Hopefully the other top front tooth will come in soon so she doesn't look lopsided!
Here they are watching the Pats game - notice that Emmy could care less about what's on TV and I couldn't get Aidan to look away! I will try to get a better picture of the two of them during the Superbowl!!

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