Friday, February 15, 2008

Aidan's 3rd Birthday

Aidan is 3! It is really hard to believe that it has been three years. Sometimes it seems like he has always been here and sometimes I look at him and Emmy and can't believe that I am someone's mom - how did I get so lucky?! Anyway - despite being so sick Aidan was a really good sport. We had a nice birthday dinner of Chicken Parmesan - his favorite - and chocolate birthday cake that he helped decorate. Brendan found some candles that spelled out Aidan's name and that was just too cool for words. After we sang Happy Birthday, Aidan blew out the candles and then licked the cake - I guess he just couldn't resist!! (I gave him the slice he licked :) )
We gave Aidan a small trampoline for his birthday. I know - I can hear all of you out there disapproving and it was definitely one of the things on my "list of things I'll never do when I have kids" - along with pacifiers - and we all know how well that worked out! It's a small trampoline and it's only about 2 feet off of the ground. He loves it so much and isn't too crazy on it yet!
Here's Emmy playing with one of Aidan's birthday presents - she's not feeling so well either - this was the best smile I could get out of her - poor thing!We had to cancel Aidan's birthday party on Saturday due to the Strep throat - we're going to do it next Saturday - there will be more pictures to follow!

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